About Us

Kyodo Lift – Providing World-class Solutions for all your needs

Kyodo Lift is a professional designer, manufacturer, installer and maintenance service provider of Elevator, Escalator, Passenger Conveyor and passenger/goods lifts

We offer a large selection of state-of-the-art Escalators, Elevators and Accessories from renowned manufacturers around the World.

Using our vast knowledge, expertise and wide experience in this field, we have made sure that all our products offer superior performance, durability and appeal.

Whether it is basic lifts, custom designed products or premium elevators with traditional or contemporary designs, we have most advanced and visually appealing products that suit any projects of varying décor and budget.

Kyodo Elevator also offers hassle-free installation and maintenance services for all our products, so that you get to enjoy smooth operation and less maintenance costs, every time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue truth and justice, addressing the needs of our stakeholders with integrity and dedication. We aim to provide solutions that stand against the corruption and challenges faced in the present, fostering an environment where genuine care and commitment prevail. We believe in the freedom to choose, ensuring that obstacles are minimized to allow for a seamless and informed decision-making process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where individuals are free from the burdens of dishonesty and injustice. We strive to build a society where the pursuit of truth is uncompromised, and where the well-being of all is prioritized. Through clarity and efficiency, we envision a distinct and straightforward path to success. We believe in the freedom to choose, unencumbered by unnecessary hindrances.

Core Values

At the core of our endeavors are values that guide our every action. We are committed to upholding truth and justice, even in the face of challenges. Our dedication to the well-being of individuals sets the foundation for our actions, steering us away from the pitfalls of complacency. With a focus on clarity and efficiency, we navigate through choices unimpeded, ensuring that our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.