Elevators has its life service with an average of 15 years in normal use under planned preventive maintenance and as it ages both the mechanical and electrical parts are less functional. Consequently, the safety of elevator is devaluing and the potential risk increases. Kyodo Lift has the leading experience in lift modernization field, especially in the control and drive system. Based on our past experiences and due to the market demand, we have prepared several integrated modernization solutions to our customers together with economic and qualified spare parts to keep the elevators cope up in the fast-moving society.

Kyodo Lift working together with its client to develop customize solutions for the modernization of older elevators to improve the appearance, performance and safety combining the cost effectiveness with higher quality outcome.

Kyodo Lift modernization solution cover

Comfortable transport with emphasis on the passenger’s safety. energy saving and high-performancelevels. Superb compatibility, minimization of the maintenance costs and modern design.

It is time to update Your elevators

You can count on us to identify and install the most efficient solution in your building. Our focus is always on perfecting the interaction between new and existing components and adapt to the different equipment brands already in your building. Even the smallest measures equip your system with new functionalities, the highest reliability and enhanced safety. With Kyodo Lift, you get:

Energy efficiency
Reduce costs and environmental footprint

Safety & operator responsibility
Full system compliance with current standards and regulations

Proactively ensure your equipment keep running smoothly

Transport capacity
A multitude of ways to get more people transported & reduce waiting time

Design & comfort
Give your equipment need for your building deserves

Are You Looking for Professional Modernization Services?

If you are in search of professional modernization services for elevators, you’re likely seeking a comprehensive solution to upgrade and improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of your existing lift systems. Elevator modernization typically involves updating key components such as control systems, cabin interiors, safety features, and mechanical elements to meet current standards and enhance overall functionality.